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What is an insole? Call it an "insert," an "insole," or whatever you like, but most lace-up shoes come with a thin, flexible inner liner. The liner is what your foot rests directly on top of when you put your shoes on. 

Who needs a supportive insole? Here are some common reasons why our customers buy supportive insoles:

Not sure if an insole is the right choice for you? True Grit Running Company offers a fitting service complete with a foot scan. During this process, our employees can take a look at your feet and work to find a solution for your needs.

We aren't doctors, and we don't claim to have the solution for just any problem. However, we are happy to help you find what works for you.

If you have serious foot pain, we recommend seeing a podiatrist or otherwise appropriate healthcare professional for your needs. They just might send you our way!

Interested to learn more about your feet? Head into the store, where we can take you through our shoe-fitting process! We can: